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Labanoras church        Pakretuonė watermill

• Labanoras church

Labanoras Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish church had risen from ash and reborn for new life. Not even two years had passed and during frosty night of 20th of December of 2009 the fire had usurped just restored second Labanoras church that was standing for two centuries. Looking to burning temple the people did not expect that during incomplete two years new - the third – Labanoras church will be built.
Pakretuonė watermill
Pakretuonė is small village in Švenčionys district aside which at Kretuona stream an old Pakretuonė watermill is standing. In fact the mill and surrounding territory is privatized and fenced with high fence but arrived tourists are admitted here for a pay of several litas and can get an eyeful of this old miracle of engineering.
It is worth to round to Pakretuonė mill to all that want to feel authentic spirit of Upper Lithuania village. The territory includes leisure and wellness camp of Lithuanian national Martynas Mažvydas library. Its old and authentic buildings include leisure houses with 2, 3, 4-seated rooms, bathhouse, hall with the fireplace and, of course, the old Pakretuonė watermill with cascades of unique impression is standing. It is very pleasant to splash under these cascades during hot summer day.
The strength of mill water flow is regulated by the gates installed on the bridge. The much you will withdraw them the more the flow gushing by the waterfall will be stronger. Only the rope fastened to the edges will help to keep one’s footing. But event if claw hold of it there is a big possibility to be precipitated down the stream so you should claw hold of it stronger.
Cirkliškis homestead of former estate (XIX century)
This homestead is in at 2 km from Švenčionys at southwest side of the road to Vilnius. Memorial buildings – palace, icehouse, forge. Representative Avenue guides from the road to spacious parterre opposite the palace. The ensemble had been created in the beginning of XIX century. Its owner Domicelė Sekežinskaitė-Mostovskienė was one of the organizers of its project. XIX a. Cirkliškis estate had his visitors like historian Joachimas Lelevelis, artist Jonas Rustemas and other culture persona. Mostovskiai had maintained the rebellion of 1863 year. In the end of XIX century the estate had come to Chaleckiai. After World War II the homestead was intercepted by Soviet economy and later agricultural technology school was established. Currently it is Švenčionys professional preparation centre.

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Cirkliškis homestead

Spring “Lino verdenė“
Lino verdenė is on a hill overgrown with pinewood. Its height is 15–17 m and it is in lower part of the slope near Sėtikis Lake (6–10.5 m from it). Height difference between the spring and the level of Sėtikis Lake is 0.85 m. Absolute height of the spring is around 171.2 m. The spring is falling; its output is concentrated and does not migrate. Area length of this output (waterhole) is 1.5–1.8 m; the width is 0.45 – 0.5 m. It accommodates in the pool of horseshoe form which is affluent with stone wall from the side of the lake and is 40–47 cm depth. The bottom is hard (sand with small boulders), in many places covered by stonewort and kelp. The water from the pool overflows through the top of stone wall and flows to Sėtikis Lake by three shallow channels which are 15–20 cm width and around 8 cm length. Remaining higher part - suphosic circus part above the spring waterhole output – is fleshed with lush grass. Here horsetails and other water plants sprout.
Spring water is clear, colourless and odourless; his taste reminds a little bit swamp water with iron. Water temperature reaches +7.50C (1990-08-14), +7.60C (1990-09-11) and +8.00C (1999-06-03). It did not freeze in winter. Total mineralisation – 225.4 mg/l. This is fresh, medium hardness, hydro carbonate magnesium calcium water - in accordance to chemical composition. In comparison with fresh drinkable water quality standards (maximum permissible concentrations of the components), the water of this spring has approximately 3.3 times larger quantity of iron.
The discharge of Lino verdenė spring is 5.88 l/s or 507.67 m³ per day. Previously water from the spring had rushed more intensely but now it became less due to reclamation of surrounding territories. New affluent wall is bricked from field stones (previously it was wooden). It has 30 cm width and 60 cm height with 3 valleys on the top made from basaltic cut stone.
Lower part of suphosic circus is strengthened with the boulders of 20-30 cm diameter wedged in soft soil. The majority of them are under the water. Older people tell that in the slope above Lino verdenė where quite smooth place remains approximately 50 years ago the hut was standing and some woman was selling spring water for money. Thus she had saved such quantity of money that had bought for it large house somewhere...
Švenčionys herb factory
“Švenčionių vaistažolės” – the biggest company in Baltic States producing medicine, vulnerary and medicinal teas and food additives. The company had already presented its production for the users of foreign countries. Herb factory in Švenčionys was established even in 1883, but the World War II had suspended its activity and in 1944 it was burned by Nazis that had receded from Švenčionys. The factory had recovered only in 1955. The first workshop of herb packaging started to operate at that time. In 20 years the capability of the factory had increased more than twice – in 1982 already 542 tones of herbs were processed, 427 tones of herb teas were packaged.
Although Švenčionys herb factory was the only company of Soviet Union producing remedial teas, industrial area of the factory did not grow. Industrial equipment was deplorable – obsolete and old. The factory cannot satisfy enormous demand so contemporary Ministry of Medical Protection decided to rebuild and expand the factory. Reconstruction was started in 1991 but political and economical changes in the country did not allow finishing them. In 2000 the company was acquired by company “VIP Progres“. In two years the building of the factory was reformed, the newest in Europe technological line of tea packaging was mounted.
Kochanovka survey tower
Švenčionys district, Švenčionys region, Sirvėta Regional Park. Height of the tower is 26 m. While driving down the road Švenčionys–Mielagėnai (No. 4401) need to turn at third kilometer to the left and only 0.4 km lefts till the tower. After lifting to the height of 26 meters the panorama of Bėlis Lake and Sirvėtos Regional Park forests overlooks.

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Spring „Lino verdenė“                   Švenčionys herb factory

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