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Objects of cognitive tourism in Šiauliai city

Archaeological Objects and Monuments
• Salduvė Mound

Architectural Objects and Monuments
• Šiauliai St. Apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral XVII century (classicistic)
• Zubov Palace (building started in the end of XVII century, classicistic)
• Franciscan Brothers Monastery near the Cross Hill (year 2000).
• Chaimas Frenkelis Villa – the monument (Vilnius Str. 74, Šiauliai) of modern architecture (Secession, Jugendstil) of the beginning of the XX century
• St. Jurgis Church (year 1909, Neobyzantine)
• St. Ignacas Lojola Church (1936)
• St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church (1867).

Art Objects and Monuments
• Fountain in the form of a sculpture The Pelicans (sculptor B. Kasperavičienė, 1978, Vilnius Street)
• Decorative sculpture The Motherhood on Vilnius Street (creation of the sculptor A. Toleikis, 1979)
• Sculpture The Reading Man (by H. Orlauskas, 1983)
• Decorative sculpture The Shooter (by S. Kuzma).

Historical Objects and Monuments
• The Cross Hill is a historical and architectural monument, a unique ensemble of the folk art. It is said that the first crosses were placed in 1831 by the loved ones of the rebels who died during the rebellion.
• The first tomb of the ancient city cemetery could have appeared at the crossing of the XVIII and XIX centuries.
• Palace of the City Municipality.
• Aušra Museum Palace with archaeological and ethnographic expositions
• Bicycle Museum, Vilnius Str. 139, Šiauliai
• Museum of Photography (Vilnius Str. 140, Šiauliai)
• Memorial House of the poet Jovaras

Natural Objects and Monuments
• Botanical Garden of the Šiauliai University Faculty of Natural Sciences
• Talkša ecologic path (on the shore of the Talkša Lake, and the Talkša and Salduvė Parks)

Objects of cognitive tourism in Šiauliai district

Archaeological Objects and Monuments
Kapos, Bubiai, Rekčiai, Jurgaičiai (Domantai), Kurtuvėnai, Romučiai, Šilėnai, Sauginiai, Luponiai, Jurgaičiai, Normančiai Mounds

Architectural Objects and Monuments
• Baroque garner built at the end of the XVIII century (Kurtuvėnai town)
• Church of St. Apostle Jacob (designed by the architect Martynas Knakfusas, built in 1792).
• Kurtuvėnai Church, end of the XVIII century.
• Meškučiai Church, end of the XIX century.
• Pakapė Church distinguished by its sculptures of the XVII-XIX centuries.

Historical Objects and Monuments
• Šiupyliai Village, the homeland of the writer Augustinas Gricius.
• Gruzdžiai town, home of the writer Albinas Vaitkus (Marius Katiliškis).
• Gruzdžiai town, the homeland of the writer and scientist Kazys Almenas;
• Kalniškiai Village, home estate of the writer and playwright Juozas Grušas.

Natural Objects and Monuments
• Šilkalniai and Šakyna geomorphologic reserve
• Tyruliai and Gelžė botanic and zoological reserves
• Vijoliai entomologic reserve
• Švendrė botanical reserve
• Kurtuvėnai regional park

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