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Skuodo r.

Places of interest in Skuodas district

Archaeological objects and monuments
Užluobė; Apuolė (the oldest settlement mentioned in the written sources of the 9C, site of Apuolė Castle and battles against Swedes in the 9C); Jedžiotai; Kubiliškė; Puodkaliai; Kalviai; Daukšiai; Mosėdis; Mikytai

Architectural objects and monuments
• Evangelical Lutheran Church in Skuodas (Vytauto g., Skuodas; built in 1821)
• Skuodas Catholic Church (Gedimino g., built in 1844, a monument of art)
• Lenkimai Church (built in 1816, reconstructed in 1837, a monument of art); belfry (built in 19C)
• Mosėdis Church (built in 1773-1811, a monument of art); churchyard gate (built before 1805, reconstructed in 1892)

Urban objects and monuments
• Central part of Ylakiai formed before the mid-20C
• Central part of Skuodas on both banks of the River Bartuva (left bank was developed before the 1st half of 17C, the right bank – before the mid-19C)

Historical objects and monuments
• House in Mosėdis, in which writer J. Tumas-Vaižgantas lived in 1895-1898
Famous people’s homes:
• Site of the house of historian, enlightener S. Daukantas (born in 1793) and small garner in Kalviai

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