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Places of interest in Neringa

Architectural objects and monuments
• Evangelical Lutheran Church in Juodkrantė 
Rėzos g., Juodkrantė; built in 1885)
• Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nida (Gothic, built in 1888)
• Old Preila school (built in 1907)
• Rome Catholic Church in Nida
• Lighthouse on Urbas Hill in Nida (built in 1874)
• Žirgai (horses) lighthouse near Pervalka (built in 1900)
• Juodkrantė fishermen’s house (Kaimo g., Juodkrantė; built in 1920-1930)
• Juodkrantė Kurhauz (Kalno g. 7, Juodkrantė; built in early 20C)
• Pervalka fishermen’s house (Pervalkos g., Pervalka; built in 1911-1935)
• Preila fishermen’s house (Preilos g., Preila; two buildings built in 1890, others – 1900-1941)
• Nida fishermen’s house (built in 1st-4th decades of 20C)

Urban objects and monuments
• Old part of Nida town formed before the end of C19

Art objects and monuments
• Park of stone sculptures on Juodkrantė quay
• Monument to Liudvikas Rėza
• Exposition of wooden sculptures (Hill of Witches) in Juodkrantė
• Statue of L. Rėza near Pervalka
• Monument to G. D. Kuvertas in Nida
• Memorial stone dedicated to Nida gliding school
• Parnidis dune with sun clock – calendar

Historical objects and monuments
• Preila ethnographic cemetery
• Nida ethnographic cemetery and small wooden grave monuments (19-20 C)

• Neringa History Museum
• Ethnographic fisherman’s house
• Thomas Mann’s memorial museum, in which German writer
T. Mann used to spend summers in 1930-1932, Skruzdynės g. 11)
• Exposition of trades of the Curonian Spit inhabitants

Natural objects and monuments
• Sightseeing – dendrological path
• Colony of herons and cormorants (near Juodkrantė)
• Observation ground on the Avinas (Ram) hill near Juodkrantė
• Sightseeing path in Nagliai natural reserve (between Juodkrantė
and Pervalka)
• Vecekrugas dune (between Nida and Preila)
• Valley of Silence
• Valley of Death
• Parnidis sightseeing path

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