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  Peninsula of Ventės Ragas   On top: Nemunas delta
  Below: Spring flood


The Nemunas Delta Regional Park is Lithuanian Destination of Excellence 2009. This is an extraordinary object of nature, landscape and ethnic culture in Sea-shore land.

The park covers the delta of the largest Lithuanian river Nemunas. Its two major branches Atmata and Skirvytė encompassing the island Rusnė. Such unique landscape seems to be constantly shaped by the play of water: network of smaller river arms, watermeadows, a lagoon lake “Krokų Lanka” and a variety of other smaller lakes, old river beds, channels, swamps and marshes. Park leaves unforgettable impressions during spring freshets when meadow areas of the delta get flooded. It is an important breeding place for many species of birds, including endangered, and resting place for migrating birds which are ringed in Ventes ragas Ornithological Station. For active recreation tourists can choose cognitive paths, cycling routs, entertaining fishing, boating activities. Here everybody can have a good time all year round: in spring a ride along the flooded roads and meadows for the lovers of extreme sensations; in summer you may enjoy traditional pleasures getting acquqinted with wonderful nature, rich history, cultural heritage; in autumn you have the chance to observe the migration birds and in winter – to enjoy ice-fishing in the Curonian Lagoon.


The year 1511 is deemed the foundation date of the town.

• Market square. For many years Šilutė has been known for its market. Farmers from Samogitia, fishermen from Rusnė, Nida, Labguva, etc. used to come to the famous fish market.

• There are a number of old buildings in Šilutė: the post office since 1905, the firehouse since 1911, the courthouse and the prison since 1848, the bridge over Šyša since 1914, H. Šojus manor since 1818, the Holy Cross Catholic Church since 1854, the building of Šilutė museum since 1949, the Evangelic Lutheran Church, the railway station and the bridge since 1875, the first Lithuanian gymnasium since 1938.

• A monument for a writer H. Sudermann was erected in 1930, rebuilt in 1996. The writer was born in Macikai.

• A monument for Klaipėda region rebels of 1923.

• The old Šilutė Evangelic Lutheran cemetery, the old cemetery of Šilutė manor, the place of burring of the town Maecenas H. Šojus.

• Natural monuments: Šilutė park, Pagryniai oak.

RUSNĖ. Rusnė is one of the oldest settlements in Nemunas delta, founded in XIV century; this is the only town in Lithuania located on an island. During the flood more than 40 thousand hectares of meadows are flooded. The ground surface at the Dumblė Lake is 1.3 m below sea-level. In Rusnė Island you can visit the restored church, the old post office, an ethnographic homestead of K. Banys, Uostadvaris lighthouse (1876), the first water engine station (1907). You can see a sailing fishing boat – kurėnas, built based on old drawings.

KINTAI. The town church was built in 1705, after the church had been moved from Ventės Ragas (Ventė Horn) to Kintai. An English merchant Wilhelm Berbom, the inspector of fishery, lived in Kintai. In 1884 he introduced the marking of fishing boats on weathervanes in the Curonian Lagoon. The future Lithuanian philosopher and writer Vydūnas (1868-1953) worked as a teacher in Kintai in 1888. Vydūnas’ cultural centre has been established in the old building of the school. The thuja which is the largest in Lithuanian and the second by its size in Europe grows in Kintai

  On top: Farmstead in Rusnė
  Below: Nets in Ventės Ragas
Typical farmstead in Mingė

MINIJA (MINGĖ) VILLAGE. Between Kintai and Ventės ragas by the river Minija there is a Lithuanian Venice - Minija (Mingė) village. People residing on both riversides are able to communicate only by boats.

VENTĖS RAGAS. Ventės Ragas is the most distant western point of Šilutė district. There is a lighthouse that is operating for more than 100 years (since 1863). In 1929 professor Tadas Ivanauskas established a station of bird ringing in Ventės ragas. There is a museum in Ventės ragas ornithological station.

ŠVĖKŠNA. Švėkšna is a town famous for the highest in the district (75m) two-tower, red brick church (built in 1905), the park established by counts Pliateriai in XVIII century with an impressive linden walk, the villa of Genovaitė, palaces, pools and sculptures. Presently there is a hotel and a restaurant opened in the old water mill. A famous Lithuanian poet of XIX century, a historian Simonas Stanevičius was buried in Švėkšna cemetery.

ŽEMAIČIŲ NAUMIESTIS. In Žemaičių Naumiestis you can see an old wooden church of St. Archangel Michael built in 1790. The author of the first Lithuanian book (1547) Martynas Mažvydas was born and grew up not far from Žemaičių Naumiestis. The town architecture that had not been changed for ages attracts producers of Lithuanian movies.

DEGUČIAI. In Degučiai you can see a unique triangle wooden church and that is the only church of such kind in Europe, built in 1757.

VAINUTAS. Two years since 1853 Antanas Baranauskas worked in Vainutas as an assistant to the scribe. Bikavėnai, a settlement mentioned in the descriptions of crusade routes of XIV century, is located near Vainutas.

KATYČIAI. Katyčiai is one of the oldest towns in Šilutė district. Katyčiai was crossed by one of the first three roads to Samogitia built by the Teutonic Order.

  Uostadvaris water pump station   On top: Šturmai
  Below: Ancient wooden boat


UAB „Kintai“, Kintai, Šilutė district
Phone +370 441 47339, +370 620 69057
Ships: “Neptūnas” – 45 seats; “Ventvėjas” – 35 seats.

UAB “Neringos laivas”, Pramonės str. 5B, Šilutė,
phone +370 441 77777, +370 670 90739,
Business class entertainment ship “Neringa” (up to 45 seats).

Alfonsas Pekarskas, Minija village, Šilutė district,
phone +370 441 47400, +370 673 44550,
Ship “Perloja” (45 seats). Ship “Admirolas” (22 seats).
Ship “Šturmai” (50 seats).

Stasys Petrošius, Minija village,
Šilutė district, phone +370 686 66600,
Ship “Minija” (12 seats). Ship (18 seats).
Ship ”Neptūnas - 1” (50 seats). Motor boats (4, 6, 8 seats).

Recreational and leisure centre ”Ventainė”
Ventė village, Šilutė district, phone +370 441 68525, +370 686 70490, e-mail,
Ship „Ventainė“ (50 seats)

Homestead “Aukštumalės krantas”
Šyšgiriai village, Kintai township, Šilutė district,
phone +370 650 65322, +370 650 65334,
Boat - 12 seats.

Homestead of Jonas Bulavinas
Minija village, Šilutė district, phone +370 685 33211
E-mail ,

• Nemunas bicycle route in Šilutė district 87 km: Usėnai–Juknaičiai–Gaideliai–Šilutė–Rusnė–Minija–Ventė–Kintai.
• Pajūris bicycle route. Šilutė district 84 km: Kintai–Povilai–Muižė–Šturmai–Ventė–Minija–Suvernai–Šilutė–Rusnė–Uostadvaris.
• Aukštumala (2 km), Žalgiriai (2 km) and Pakalnė (3.5 km) cognitive walks of Nemunas Delta Regional Park.
• Šilutė District Tourist and Business Information Centre develops individual tourist routes.


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