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Objects of cognitive tourism in Akmenė district

Archaeological Objects and Monuments
Papilė I and II mounds on the left bank of Venta River. On top of one of them, an observation deck of Jurakalnis has been set up, and next to it there is a fieldstone exposition.

Architectural Objects and Monuments
• A new Discent of the Holy Spirit Church in Naujoji Akmenė.
• Along the road from Naujoji Akmenė to Akmenė there is an old town of Alkiškiai, the centre of Evangelical Lutheran Parish, with its church built in year 1860.
• Akmenė St. Ann’s Church built in year 1912. 
• Papilė St. Joseph Church, year 1887.
• A famous wooden St. Virgin Mary Church of the Šiaudinė Village found nine kilometres away from Papilė and built in 1775; the church is recorded in the list of immovable cultural values of the Republic of Lithuania. 
• In the neighbourhood of Šiaudinė – the Paragiai Estate.

Art Objects and Monuments
• The exhibition parlour of the Cultural Palace in Naujoji Akmenė, which was included into the registry of immovable cultural values.
• Akmenė Park of Nature and Culture full of wooden sculptures and the Great Stone.

Historical Objects and Monuments
• Akmenė Region Museum exhibiting an extensive collection of various stones, which for the most part consists of rocks with fossil remains of fauna and flora from the Jurassic Period in Papilė.
• Dabikinė Manor, which used to belong to a famous in Lithuania Zubov family. 
• The whole of the Papilė town is distinguished for its history and architecture, the name of which was mentioned in the Livonian Chronicle already in 1253.
• Memorial Museum of the sisters the writers Sofija Pšibiliauskienė and Marija Lastauskienė, who signed their works using a pseudonym Lazdynų Pelėda.

Natural Objects and Monuments
• Botanical Garden of Antanas Čiapas, which nourishes about 350 various species of plants. This garden was included into the list of protected natural objects in 2000.
• Kamanai State Nature Reservation protects the magic of genuine untouched nature.
• Venta Regional Park
• The fifteen trunk lime tree of Papilė. This tree is a monument of nature.
• Papilė exposures - the geological monument, which displays the fossil complexes of the Jurassic Period fauna found on the surface of the earth 155-130 millions years ago.

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