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Places of interest in Jonava district

Archaeological objects and monuments

Paberžė, Gudžionys, Dubiai, Milžinai hill (Laukagaliai), Padaigai.

Objects and monuments of architecture and art

• T. Medeška Chapel (in Žeimiai, built in 1768)
• Žeimiai architectural ensemble and park (2nd half of C18- C19, formation of the park was started in C17, the park was Paantreconstructed in the 2nd half of C18 and C19)
• Two chapels in the churchyard of Žeimiai Church (one is Kosakauskai mausoleum chapel built in 1843, the other was built in early 20C following the style of the first one)
• Skaruliai Church (built in about 1620, a monument of art)
• Jonava Church (built in 1793, a monument of art)
• Complex of Turžėnai old post buildings (built in 1835)

Historical objects and monuments
• Of writer P. Vaičiūnas (born in 1890, in Piliakalniai)

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