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Objects of cognitive tourism in Raseiniai district

Archaeological Objects and Monuments
• Molavėnai mound complexes, Mound I and II.
• Mythological Skirtinas Stone (Molavėnai Village).

Architectural Objects and Monuments
• St. Virgin Mary Ascension Church in Baroque style and Dominican Monastery (1642).
• Šiluva Holy God Mother’s Manifestation Chapel (1912–1924)
• The Ariogala St. Archangel Michael Church, Betygala St. Michael Church, Raseiniai St. Virgin Mary Ascension Church and Viduklė St. Cross Church are distinguished by their historical and architectural importance. These are the churches built in the first years of Christianity.
• Ugoniai Church - folk, classicistic church, built in year 1863.

Art Objects and Monuments

• The monument of Lithuanian Independence Žemaitis by V. Grybas (1934).
• Historical Museum of the Raseiniai region.

Historical Objects and Monuments
• Šiluva – St. Virgin Mary Manifestation Church and miraculous St. Virgin Mary image sanctuary.
• Memorial Estate and Museum of Simonas Stanevičius, otherwise also called Žemaičiai Nobleman’s Estate and Museum.
• Pasandravis historical reserve – birthplace (Pasandravis) and mother land (in Bernotai) of the poet Maironis.

Natural Objects and Monuments
• The natural monument at the Molavėnai Village – the century old oak tree;
• A cognitive and recreational path is set up in the Jūkainiai geomorphologic reservation;
• Dubysa Regional Park;
• Pašešuvis Landscape Reservation.

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