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Anykščiai district places of interest

Anykščiai Tourism Information Centre
Gegužės g. 1, 29106 Anykščiai
Tel. +370 381 59 177,

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 Puntukas Narrow Gauge Railway

anyksciai_kulturos.jpg (5042 bytes) ANYKŠČIAI – LITHUANIAN CULTURAL CAPITAL 2012

Anykščiai since the oldest times is a bright land of cultural self-expression and the land rich in natural variety. This environment made an influence for the creation of A. Baranauskas, J. Biliūnas, helped in inculcation of cultural and social activity of A. Vienuolis.
The message about creative young residents of Anykščiai will spread again during Lithuanian cultural capital 2012. Young and active people will reveal the attitude of their generation to the values, traditions, heritage through personal experience by modern artistic expression means while participating in the project “My cultural diary. Anykščiai”. Annually arranged holiday “Bėk, bėk žirgeli!” will look differently too – apart from the contests for the horses, the congress of young kankles-players and festival of the glees will be organized there. We will celebrate traditional city holiday in 27-28th of July in the city that will become the gallery for one day.
With the intention of feeling the beauty of this land nature, opening the door of the museums, seeing proceeding events in the squares of the city and all-year-round happening events in nontraditional spaces, please come to Anykščiai, to Lithuanian cultural capital!

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J. Biliūnas native land in Niūronys


Narrow Gauge Railway Station Museum.
Vilties str. 2, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 58015,,

Horse Museum
Niūronys village, Anykščiai district, tel. +370 381 51722,

Angel Museum and Sacral Art Centre
Vilniaus str. 11, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 51447,

A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas Memorial Museum and Showroom
A. Vienuolio str. 4, Anykščiai, tel./fax +370 381 58015, +370 381 52912,

Memorial house-museum of B. Buivydaitė
Vilniaus str. 21, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 58138,

Memorial homestead-museum of writer J. Biliūnas
Niūronys village, Anykščiai district, tel. +370 381 51722,

Homestead of L. and S. Didžiuliai
Griežionėliai village, Anykščiai district, tel. +370 381 43901,

Anykščiai Chapel – the center of concerts and exhibitions
Vilniaus str. 36, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 54432

Museum of Svėdasai (Vaižgantas) land
Kunigiškių village, Anykščiai district, mob. +370 682 33024

Visitor center of Anykščiai Regional Park.
J. Biliūno str. 55, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 50738,

Review tower at Rubikiai lake
Bijeikiai village, Anykščiai district

Arboretum and sculpture park
Troškūnai village, Anykščiai district,

The yard of wild animals
Mikieriai village, Anykščiai district,

Traupis Botanical Garden
Traupis village, Anykščiai district,

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   The contest of Republican floristic carpets Heavy music festival “Devil’s stone”


•International swimming sprint festival "Anykščiai – 2012“. Place of the event: Anykščiai mini spa “Bangenis“, Ažupiečių str. 1A, Anykščiai
• Adventure race “Nykštietiškas triathlon” in Anykščiai
• Festival of traditional culture and horse sport „Bėk bėk, žirgeli!“. Place of the event: Niūronys village, Anykščiai district
• Professional music festival “Rubikiai – the bank of songs”
• Joninės regatta on Rubikiai lake. Place of the event: Rubikiai, Anykščiai district
•International children and youth art therapeutics and creative improvisation camp-festival “The desires” („Troškimai“). Place of the event: Troškūnai town, Anykščiai district
• Heavy music festival “Devil’s stone” („Velnio akmuo“). Place of the event: Dainuva valley, Anykščiai
• Anykščiai city festival – the convention of Anykščiai inhabitants from all over the world. St. Anna feast
Place of the event: the center of Anykščiai city and the park
• The contest of Republican floristic carpets in Anykščiai
• Lithuanian youth ethnic culture and unusual folklore locomotion “Folk-virus“. Place of the event: Troškūnai town, Anykščiai district
• International organist festival "Junior priores organorium Seinensis“. Place of the event: St. Apostle evangelist Matthew church of Anykščiai
• National bard festival “Purple evening” („Purpurinis vakaras“). Place of the event: Dainuva valley, Anykščiai

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Summer tobaggan run Joninės regatta on Rubikiai lake


Summer tobaggan run and mountain skiing in recreational park “Kalita“. Kalno str. 25, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 78144, mob. +370 698 73879,,

Excursion “Wine route” („Vyno kelias“) round AB “Anykščių vynas“ company and / or tasting of the production, Dariaus and Girėno str. 8, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 50313,

The drive by “siaurukas“, bicycles, railing and hand-held trolley. Vilties str. 2, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 54597,,

Riding, coach and sledge driving, four-wheeled motorcycles, shooting in riding club “Vilartas“. Niūronys village, Anykščiai district, mob.: +370 618 84810, +370 615 59120,,

Riding, riding the coach and sledge, riding lessons in riding club “Origonas”. Niūronys village, Anykščiai district,
mob. +370 686 35255,,

Riding in the yard, riding the carriage, riding the sledge in winter in Horse museum, in the territory of the museum and round the surroundings of Niuronys, tel. +370 381 51722, mob. +370 623 70629,,

Archery – in the yard at survey tower nearby Šeimyniškėliai mound, tel.: +370 381 52922, +370 381 52912,,

The ride by four-wheeled motorcycles, karting, bokarting, auto-cross motorcars in Anykščiai kart track. Road No. 120 (Anykščiai–Ukmergė), 1 km from Anykščiai. Mob. +370 687 81480,,

Swimming, mini spa, gym in the pool “Bangenis“, Ažupiečių str. 1A, Anykščiai, tel./ fax +370 381 59431, mob.: +370 670 80486, +370 686 30729,,

Bowling, lawn tennis, basketball in entertainments and sport complex „Keturi kalnai“. Liūdiškių str. 18, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 58520,,

Paintball, archery, aquatic entertainments. Mikieriai village, Anykščiai district, mob. +370 659 05057,,

Maize labyrinth, paintball and other entertainments in Anykščiai district, mob. +370 674 10502,,

Sliding with water skies, parachute, and inflatable wheel on Nevėža Lake, mob. +370 618 13354

Concerts and exhibitions in the old city chapel Vilniaus str. 36, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 54432

Relaxation on the water, canoes, boats, water bicycles, and floats rent,

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Mountain skiing                           Entertainments with horses


Demonstrative bread baking “Daily bread” („Duonelė kasdieninė“) that is organized in the Higher Lithuania homesteads of Horse Museum. Niūronys village, Anykščiai, mob.: +370 612 69545, +370 616 25124
Upper Lithuanian pancakes with dips and cheeses in homestead named “Sun pancake” („Saulės blynas“).
Slėnio str. 9, Burbiškiai village, Anykščiai district, mob. +370 692 22108,, www.saules­
Fishing with nets and smoking of during program “Fish”
Antežerio village, mob. +370 682 48202,
Sheep gutting and preparation of barbecue during program “Sheep”, Antežerio village.,
mob. +370 682 48202,
Preparation of homemade cheese and dishes of cultural heritage, Niūronys village., Anykščiai district,
mob. 8 682 13405,
“Meeting of the birds and elevation of nesting-boxes”
The Direction of Anykščiai Regional Park, J. Biliūno str. 55, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 50738,
mob. +370 686 45368,
“Spring flowering plants”
The Direction of Anykščiai Regional Park, J. Biliūno str. 55, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 50738,
mob. +370 686 45368,
“Autumnal entourage of the birds (observation and recognition of the birds in nature)“
The Direction of Anykščiai Regional Park, J. Biliūno str. 55, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 50738,
mob. +370 686 45368,
“Through the paths of Anykščiai pinewood”
The Direction of Anykščiai Regional Park, J. Biliūno str. 55, Anykščiai, tel. +370 381 50738,
mob. +370 686 45368,

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Ancient baltic hunting and fishing education program on Šeimyniškėliai mound

In Anykščiai land you can indulge with the dishes of cultural heritage. The best of them – natural blackcurrant wine "Voruta“ of dark color and bright flavor, started to produce since 1926 ( Palatable dumplings are being prepared in Kavarskas town. The taste of them is strengthened by glorifying of various stories miraculous St. John spring water springing from near existing coffee-shop ( Please go to Niūroniai town that is famous for Horse museum and visit cafeteria "Heel-plate”. There švilpikai, kukoriai, croissants, potatoes cakes, homemade cakes, homemade kvass, caraways kvass – traditional dishes of cultural heritage – are prepared from
local products. Here in Niūronys, in Upper Lithuanian cottages educational lessons take place during which ordinary bread is being baked - national heritage of Lithuania ( The landladies of village tourism homestead "Barono Vila" established near Svėdasai town will prepare and treat you to beetroot soup with boletus, dumplings with lamb, filling cabbage soup, pork wraps with mushroom sauce, potatoes boiled in their jackets ( In the coffee-shop of Tea magic please treat acorn coffee ( When driving in order to see beauty Rubikiai lake please visits Burbiškis. The landlady of homestead “Saulės blynas” will prepare you large Higher Lithuania pancakes with the dips of various sorts ( Homemade bread can be brought from Anykščiai as fairing.
Please arrive, taste and comeback.

Kontaktai: 8 613 87583, el. p.
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