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Places of interest in Varėna district

Archaeological objects and monuments
Apykopas – site of an ancient castle (Kaniavėlė village, Kaniava Neighbourhood); Zamkavas Hill – Queen Bonna‘s Castle Hill (site of an ancient castle in Dubičiai village, Kaniavos Neighbourhood); mound (Norkūnas Castle) with the ancient settlement (Krūminiai village, Matuizos Neighbourhood); mound – Liškiava Castle Hill (Liškiava village, Merkinė Neighbourhood); Sacrifice Hill – Church Hill (Liškiava village, Merkinė Neighbourhood); mound with place near the castle (Merkinė); Ulbinai – Čepelūnai mound (Barčiai village, Vydenių Neighbourhood)

Architectural objects and monuments
• Liškiava village formed in the 15C. Remains of the castle, construction of which started in the end of 14C or beginning of 15C, have survived until today on the nearby mound (300 B.C. – 9 A.C.). Liškiava Church and Dominican Monastery – monument of late Baroque architecture.
• Zervynai village consists of 48 farmsteads, street type; harmony of buildings predominates, house doors, windows, porches, terraces are decorated with wood carvings, foundations of garners and cattle-sheds are made from wooden blocks.
• Marcinkonys is one of the largest villages in Lithuania, mentioned in the historical sources since 1637.
• Valkininkai Church built in 1898, a monument of art
• Merkinė Church built in the 1st half of 15C, a monument of art
• Rudnia watermill, built in the mid-16C, is a monument of architecture
• Holy Trinity Church and Dominican Monastery ensemble in Liškiava

Urban objects and monuments
• The Old part of Valkininkai town formed between 14-15C and the end of 19C
• The old part of Merkinė town is an urban monument, formed before the end of 18C

Historical objects and monuments
• Perloja is situated at the 19th km of the road Vilnius - Merkinė, riding to the west from Varėna, near the River Merkys. Perloja village is known since 1378. The castle that stood in those times repulsed numerous attacks of Teutonic Order. In 1792, Perloja was granted the Magdeburg Rights. In 1918-1923, the Republic of Perloja existed here. The town is famous for the Monument to Vytautas the Great erected in 1930 and preserved during the soviet occupation.
• House – historical monument, in which Polish King and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vladislav Vaza died on 20 May 1648 (Osmolskio g. 1, Merkinė)
• House – museum of writer V. Krėvė-Mickevičius, Subartonys village
• Hollow of writer A. Matutis in Pauosupė village
Famous people’s homes:
• Place of birth of M. K. Čiurlionis – Senoji Varėna, born in 1875

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