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Objects of cognitive tourism in Ignalina district

Archaeological Objects and Monuments
• Pilkapis Exhibition and the Stone Age settlement. The park is full of ancient burial sites called the tumulus. Palūšė šūšė Exhibition is based on one of their findings. The model depicts the burial site of the Bronze Age (V-VI
• Ginučiai Mound. Archaeological monument of the 9-12 century.

Architectural Objects and Monuments
• Palūšė šūšė Church with a belfry built in year
• Ginučiai Mill – the one watermill of the six mills of the park, which has preserved the authentic equipment.

Art Objects and Monuments
• Mikas Petrauskas the composer of the first Lithuanian opera Birutė was born in Palūšė. A monument created by the sculptor J. Kėdainis was erected in Palūšė šūšė in the name of Mikas Petrauskas commemorating the composer’s 100th
• 16 wooden sculptures are found on the shore of the Lšiai Lake, nearby the Meironai Village. In 1977, during a creative camp, the folk artists have immortalised the beauty of nature and the legends of the Ignalina Region.
• The museum exhibition of A. Hrebnickis at the Rojus Village.

Natural Objects and Monuments
• Ladakalnis observation hill is a 175 metres high hill overlooking the Šiliniškis ridge. Ladakalnis is declared to be a geomorphologic natural monument.
• The Botanical Path. The path is set up next to the Lūšiai Lake, between the Palūšė šūšė and Meironiai Villages. The length of the path is 3.5 km. One can observe around 150 species of plants there, 9 of which are listed in the Red Book of 
• Museum of ancient beekeeping.

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