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Places of interest in Panevėžys

Architectural objects and monuments
• Sts Apostles Peter and Paul’s Church (Neo-Romantic style, built in 1885)
• Holy Trinity (former Marians’) Church (built in 1803)
• Evangelical Lutheran Community’s Church (built in 1845)
• Christ the King Cathedral (historical, classicism, baroque style, built in 1929)

Urban objects and monuments
• The oldest building in the city – 17-18C Upytė administrative district and castle court archive, built in 1614. The only Renaissance epoch building of such purpose that survived till nowadays.

Art objects and monuments
• Ancient sculpture museum
• Art gallery
• Photo gallery
• Gallery XX
• Gallery 2nd Floor

Historical objects and monuments
• History and economy museum (archaeological, ethnographical, historical (19-20C), natural expositions
• Memorial exposition of Gabrielė Petkevičaitė – Bitė (Šv. Zitos g., Panevėžys)
• Medicine museum (Šv. Zitos g.18, Panevėžys)
• Sport museum (Laisvės a. 3, Panevėžys)
• Museum of Resistance to Soviet Union and Sąjūdis (Reform Movement)
• J. Miltinis’ heritage study centre
• J. Balčikonis’ high school (one of the first secondary schools in Lithuania, opened in 1727)

Panevėžio r.

Places of interest in Panevėžys district

Archaeological objects and monuments
Kiūčiai; Upytė site of an ancient castle (to north-west from Upytė, near Tarnagala); Baimainiai

Architectural objects and monuments
• Smilgiai Church (built in 1764, reconstructed in 1850, a monument of art)
• Tiltagaliai Chapel (built in 1859)
• Memenčiai Chapel (built in 1861, author S. Tovginas)
• Uliūnai (Bistrampolis) manor palace and park (built in 1st half of 19C, park (founded in 19C)

Urban objects and monuments
• Old part of Krekenava town formed before early 20C
• Old part of Ramygala town formed before early 20C

Historical objects and monuments
• Gudgalis Windmill (built in 1865)
• House in which poet Maironis lived in 1915 -1918 (Valsiūnienės g. 15, Krekenava)
• Mikėnai Windmill (built in 1880)
Famous people’s homes:
• Place of birth of writer G. Petkevičiūtė – Bitė (born in 1861, Puziniškis)
• Place of birth of sculptor J. Zikaras (born in 1881, Pauliukai)
• Site of countryside house of folk sculptor V. Svirslys (born in 1835) in Glitėnai
• Site of the countryside house of linguist J. Balčikonis (born in 1885) in Ėriškiai

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